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Express Gift Delivery with the help of Darkotik is available in the regions where there are representative offices of the Service and under the terms and conditions described below.

Terms of delivery

The gift can be delivered during an 3 hours in the regions where there are representatives of Darkotikn Express Gifts Service. You can order "deferred gift" option and your gift will be delivered in the time you specified if it does not break the terms and conditions of the Service (delivery in less than an hour, delivery in the nighttime, to the recipient who does not give an OK for delivery, delivery in nonworking hours, etc)
If you make an order in nonworking hours (when the Delivery during an Express option is unavailable), your gift will be delivered during the nearest working hour.

Delivery Cost

Delivery cost can vary depending on regional courier service. 

Delivery and Payment Conditions
Delivery is made only to a person whose data were specified at the registration of the order. Recipient has the right to check the appearance and completeness of the order in courier presence; the up state check and detailed technical consultation is outside courier’s duties. Only prepaid Gift delivery is available. You can pay for the gift only by means of payment systems that are specified at the site.

Deferred Gift

When the delivery during an 3 hours is impossible (for example in case of ordering in non working hours or when the recipient cannot accept it during the nearest hour) or if the customer choose Deferred Gift Option – the gift will be delivered in the nearest working hour or in the time convenient to the recipient or in the time specified by the customer.




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