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Payment problems

If you have some problems with payment.

Problems while paying with VISA/MasterCard can arise for the several reasons. First of all, check up correctness of the data you entered i.e. card number, period of validity and CVV-code. If these data are correct, but the payment is not accepted, most likely:
1. Your bank imposed limitations for your card for Internet payments.
2. The monthly limit for Internet payments is exceeded.
In both cases you should specify in your bank the Internet payment limitations for your card.

Also problems can arise while paying through LiqPay system.
Remember, when you make the first payment through this system, you should specify your phone number. This number is attached in system to the number of your card. While further using of LiqPay system you have to use this phone number.
If there is an error while paying through this system, check up the correctness of the specified telephone number.
If the error is not eliminated, try to use payment through Privat24:
You can make any payments on the Internet, using Privat24. Detailed instructions on account opening, filling up and sending of payments are here.

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