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1. How does Darkotik Express gift service work?

Darkotik helps to make express presents to your close people. We try to open as many branches in different regions as possible to be able to deliver the gifts really fast. We in Darkotik understand that gift is not only a thing, it is a part of your heart. Our price policy is very loyal, we try to propose the lowest prices.

2. If the Recipient refuses to take my present, have I to pay for it?

No, you get full refund. Money for the refused gifts returns back according to our procedure. But you get your money back only if the gift was refused before the delivery. Read more details about refunds in the item #3 of this section.

3. What are the cases and procedure of getting money back?

You get full refund if:
- recipient refused to accept the gift before delivery;
- recipient is in the city where there no Darkotik representative office;
- operator could not contact the recipient via specified telephone number;
- delivery is failed through Darkotik fault.
In the above cases your money returns back to the internal account of the www.darkotik.com* within 3 work days. You can use this money for the next order.
You can take out your money from your service account into your bank account. Contact Darkotik support (support@darkotik.com) and provide the order number and special code (you got it at the telephone or e-mail specified at the registration).
*internal account generates automatically at the registration of an order and you can login it with the help of your telephone number or e-mail address you used for order registration.
If Darkotik has delivered the gift, or the recipient has refused to accept the gift after it was bought you cannot be refunded.

4. What information about me will the recipient get?

We respect your personally data and your privacy. The recipient will get only the information you want him to know.

5. If I accept the gift what information about me will the sender get?

Only the information he already knew and use for the gift ordering. We do not store and do not disclose any information about our clients (names, addresses, telephone numbers) to the third parties More details about the collecting and use of the personal information is in the Privacy Policy section of the site.

6. Do you plan to increase the gifts range?

Yes, we are sure to work at the expanding of the partner chain and gifts range.

7. Does the gift looks like on the photo at the site?

Gifts can differ a little from those at the site but have the same characteristics. It is because in different regions we cooperate with different suppliers.

8. Can I send a gift to another country?

You can make a present in any city or country where there is Darkotik representative office. Full list of cities we work with there is in the city select menu.

9. If the recipient lives in the city different from those I was sure he is from, should I pay more for the delivery?

If the recipient lives or is at the moment at the city where there is our representative office, we will deliver the gift. We will need more than an hour to deliver gift in this case. You have not to pay more if the gift’s cost in the recipient region does not exceed its cost in the region you specified at the order registration. If you disagree with that you can get your money back according to the money back procedure. Read more details about refunds in the item #3 of this section.

10. What if I mistakenly specified the wrong telephone number of the gift recipient?
You will be refunded according to the money back procedure. Read more details about refunds in the item #3 of this section.

11. I was registered but I have no access to my account. What should I do?

Maybe you enter the wrong password. Press “Forgot password” button. You will get your password via sms at your telephone number. Try to login with this password. If you still have any problems or questions contact support support@darkotik.com

12. How can I send the gift with the help of link?

Registering the gift you can choose such a method of gift delivery as Gift Link. Copy the link and send it via e-mail, private message at the any social network or sms. You may use such link any time but only once. For the next time you have to generate another gift link.

13. How can I cancel the order? Should I pay for the canceled gift?
Darkotik is an Express gifts delivery service. We deliver gifts within one hour after ordering. Already several minutes after your order our couriers start to execute it. That’s why we cannot cancel the order. If you still want to cancel the order immediately contact the support, and if we can we will cancel the order. But if the gift was already bought the order considered as executed and you will not be refunded.

14. May the recipient get to know what I want to present him/her?

We try to make a surprise and not to tell what the present is before its delivery. But there are cases when recipient do not want to accept the present without information about it. Then we can disclose the information about the present.

15. What is Darkotik Privacy Policy?

It is the guarantee that all your personal data you give us at registration is secure. All our staff always keeps this policy. And we have great experience in personal data protecting and secure storage. Read more details at the Privacy Policy section.

16. Who created Darkotik?

Darkotik Express gifts deliveryservice was created by several experts, who have experience in development in the field of high technologies and safety, working out of algorithms of personal data protection. But first of all these are common people who like to cause joy to relatives and friends with nice pleasant surprises.

17. I am a representative of the social network (online service, online dating agency, virtual world etc), may I use Darkotik at my service or website?

Sure, you may. You are welcome to contact us via e-mail info@darkotik.com with any questions concerning cooperation

18. Can the recipient get the money equivalent of the present?

No, Darkotikdelivers only the present you want to make. Even if the recipient wants to refuse getting the gift we will not give him the money equivalent. You can be sure that only the gift you sent will be delivered to the recipient.

19. I try to make payment with VISA card, but the system reports about an error. What error can it be and how can I eliminate it?
If you are sure, that there is enough money to make the purchase on your account, than perhaps your bank imposed limitations for your card for Internet payments. Specify this information in your bank. More details about payment errors read here.

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